Mixed Tape Monday: J-Rock

Let’s take a trip to Tokyo this week and listen to my current favorite Japanese rock songs. Because sometimes you want to be a little emotionally rebellious and Japan delivers this and so much more. From emo, to indie, to shoe gaze they have got it all. So break out your black eyeliner, put on some skinny jeans, and let’s go!

One OK Rock – Deeper Deeper. Just slow your roll right there folks. This isn’t a dirty song. Get your mind outta the gutter! Be ready for mild screaming (they have a lot of feels, ok?) and instant teleportation back to the 2000s.

HaKU – Dye it White. I have absolutely no recollection of how I found this song but I need not know from whence it came to know it rocks. (I just noticed both videos contain floating metal spheres….is this a J-Rock motif?…further investigations will ensue….)

Mushroom Empire (きのこ帝国) – Tokyo (東京). As close friends and family will tell you I’m not a morning person. This song is for those days when my alarm goes off too early and the snooze button in the only way to quell my inner rage. That’s right, I rebel through extended naps. I know I’m hardcore.

Kana-Boon –ないものねだり. A quirky and fun song about petty arguments and the destabilization of love. It may fill you with an urge for bowl cuts and live musical accompaniment when you cook dinner.

凛として時雨 – Abnormalize. Congrats to all you keen-eared anime fans out there! This is indeed from Psycho-pass’s fantastic soundtrack. While I could have posted all their track. I witheld.

That’s it for this week! Did I miss the best J-rock band ever? Should I have put a Babymetal song up? Comment below!

Mix Tape Monday: No Rules


You gotta break the rules sometime and today’s theme is no theme! What?! Anarchy! Madness! You say? Well we all need a little shaking up sometime.

Theme or not, I still love all these tracks so give them a shot and let me know what you think!

きのこ帝国 – 海と花束 (MV). I believe this band’s name translates roughly to Mushroom Empire but I’m not expert at Japanese (cough – I used Google translate – cough) so don’t hold me to it! I love their combination of dreamy lyrics set to some amazing guitar. It’s almost like hard rock shoe gaze…or shoe rock if you will. If you like this combo try 東京.

Madjo – Le Monstre.  I listen to this and wish that I could sound this sultry in French without trying (or just this sultry in general).

Tree Of Life 生命樹樂團 – I just discovered this Chinese band and I absolutely love this track (I’m a sucker for violins, guys.)  I’m hoping to find more by them soon!

Bradio – Fever. This Japanese band is just plain fun plus the lead singer has an afro that inspires my admiration. Flyers and Golden Liar are also must listens.

SALTNPAPER (솔튼페이퍼) – 완벽해요 (Perfect). Do you want your ears caressed and soothed with dulcet Korean lyrics from the inside out? Then do I have the perfect song for you.

Leningrad – Fish. Just because I can. Yes friends. I have found a Russian ska version of Tom Waits singing with a full band. There are sailor outfits, there are fabulous hats, and there may even be a tuba involved (or a sousaphone I never can tell). Want more? Here you go! Фиаско (без цензуры)