K-Pop and Reality TV Shows: Guest Post

Today we have a guest post written by my dear friend the lovely Emily B who is a fellow international music and kpop aficionado! Hope y’all enjoy!!

Hello, hello! Today I’m going to introduce you to K-pop Star, a South Korean reality TV competition that is akin to the United State’s American Idol and The Voice.  What sets K-pop star apart from the United State’s music related reality programs is that auditions are held all around the world, not just in the parent country.

K-pop Star has held four seasons of the show.  For the first two seasons, each of the three judges represented the three largest management companies in South Korea, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment.  The winner, in all four seasons, got to choose which of the three companies with which they would debut and sign a contract.

Enough with the technicalities, it is time for some music!

Park Ji-min was only fifteen-years-old when she won the first installment of K-pop stars. She signed with JYP Entertainment and formed a duo with Baek Ye-rin called 15&. Their song “Can’t Hide It” tops Korean music charts (Ji-min is on the left).

Last year, after two years of 15&, Park Ji-min announced that she would be pursuing a solo career.  Her power ballad, “Hopeless Love,” premiered just last week!


The winner of K-pop Star’s second season is the brother-sister duo Akdong Musician, made up of Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-hyun.  Chan-hyuk wrote, composed, and produced their first studio album, “Play”, and Su-hyun’s voice is so pure it is ethereal. Their song “200%” topped Korean music charts.  Listen below; it is the perfect song for sunshine and warm weather.

Did you enjoy Park Ji-min and AKMU?  Check out the video below of the three musicians jamming out on season 2 of K-pop stars.


Bernard Park was crowned the winner of K-pop Star’s third season.  Specializing in ballads, he won hearts with his soulful melodies and heart wrenching lyrics.  Check out the title song on his EP “I’m. . .” below.

K-pop Star season 4 ended just a few days ago on April 12, 2015.  New Jersey native Katie Kim took home the first place prize.  She does not have a single out yet, but check out her cover of Amy Winehouse’s’ “Rehab” below.

Did you like what you heard?  You can jump over to the K-pop Star Youtube  page to check out clips from all four seasons, or watch season 4 on Hulu.  

Mix Tape Monday: Chicken Noodle Soup

Are you sick?

 Alright then. Consider adding these songs to your convalescing routine. That’s right! In addition to hot tea, soup, medicine, and large quantities of tissues soothe those eardrums of yours. They need love too. Wrap yourself in the fuzzy blanket of sound and forget about that headache and how cold it is outside.

Christophe Mae – On S’Attache. While Christophe’s quirky falsetto may not be for everyone I really enjoy his style (a sort of Jack Johnson jam session sort of vibe.) Plus he’s on a beach. It’s impossible to be sick and on a beach right? Check out Tombé Sous Le Charme.

Akdong Musician (also known as AKMU) – Melted. This sibling duo has taken South Korea by storm. Try Galaxy and Give Love for a more bubbly sound and a reminder that even if you’re sick the world is a pretty great place.

Nujabes – Aruarian Dance. Too sick to process lyrics? Look no further. This Japanese DJ and producer has got your back. These tracks are about as soothing as you can get. Counting Stars and Mystline will provide similar auditory relief.

Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un m’a dit. This Italian lady is a singer, actress, model, wife of Sarkozy. She nails the breathy French sound in this track and in Raphael as well.

Jhameel – White Lie. An all around renaissance man Jhameel has a vast musical range. I love many of his more upbeat rock/pop tracks but for those chill days try  Waves, and Poison.

The Chieftains – Sea Image. When you are on the road to recovery this Irish band always puts a spring in my step and me in a better mode. Listen to Boil the Breakfast Early or Chase Around the Windmill  just be warned you may be moved to dance a jig or two!

Any comfort songs I missed? Add them down below!