Mix Tape Monday: Last of the Summer Sun

This Labor Day send summer off with a bang with these dance inducing tracks. They’re perfect for that last summer bash. Let’s get hot in here (while its still hot out)!


Magic System – Magic in the Air. All the songs from this Ivory Coast quartet embody the idea of “joie de vivre” and their song Magic in the Air will put you in the spirit of celebration. For some bubbly sweetness listen to their cover Sweet Fanta Diallo and for their classic zouglou throwback track listen to Zouglou Dance.

Roy (film) – Sooraj Dooba Hai Yaaron. You can’t have a dance party without Bollywood and this soaring harmonic dance hall track will having you letting go on the dance floor (or beach).

Kendji Girac – Conmigo. This Catalan crooner…ahem…French singer, mixes French and Spanish (both language and musical styles) in his tracks. He’s the winner of the French Voice and while are his lyrics aren’t particularly deep but their damn catchy and just plain fun. For more dancable tracks listen to Color Gitano and Andalouse.

LOONA – Vamos a la Playa. Yes, I went there. Listen to Dutch singer LOONA and get yourself to the playa while there’s still time. That’s all I have to say.

Zion.T and HAHA – $ponsor. Ok, you got me, I’m on a major Zion.T kick at the moment, I confess. Play this Korean chill funk track to slow it down and to show off those slow jam moves one last time before the night ends. For more groovy awesomeness try Click Me and See Through.

Enjoy the last of the summer sun everyone! For the playlist click here.


Mix Tape Monday: Best Served Cold


My roommates are constantly amazed (or afraid) of my imperviousness to the summer heat. Yep, I’m one of those crazy people that wears long pants and drinks hot tea on a midsummer day. But just to prove I’m not actually a vampire…..here’s my secret list of chill and slow jams (of all genres) for your listening pleasure. Trust me these artists are way too cool to ever break a sweat. For maximum effect keep chilled and serve over ice.

Zion.T – Eat. Everything about Zion.T pretty much defines cool. The lyrics, the instrumentation, the music video all ooze a clever craftsmanship and class. Figure out why his glasses are cracked you’ll know what I mean. Can’t get enough? I can’t blame you. Listen to Two Melodies, Babay, and Zero Gravity.

Pompeya – 90. Stop standing in front of the open freezer and let the cool dreamy sounds of this song (by Russian indie band Pompeya) wash over you instead. Continue the arctic chill with Slow and Power.

Boy – We Were Here. This Swiss and German duo create some icy ethereal harmonies (complete with poetic lyrics and some sly use of cards) that will transport you to Alpine state of mind. I also adore their track Little Numbers.

MC Solaar – Caroline. Heartbreak should always be served cold and this Senegalese giant rapper delivers with this ill fated love story. “Life is a game of cards, Paris a casino, I play reds…hearts, Caro.” Nouveau Western and his humorous Victime de la Mode are both studies in prowess.

Thornapple – Don’t be deceived by the psychedelic rock intro, this song soon settles into gentle yet haunting lullaby but be ready for more twists and turns! My love for this Korean band knows no bounds try 남극 and …시퍼런 봄.


Any other songs you know that are the definition of cool? Post them below!

Be sure to check out the Mixtape Monday playlist to listen to all the tracks I’ve posted.