Mix Tape Monday: Summer Lovin’

We all need a little sunshine.

Bomba Estereo -‘Mar. This song is pretty much made of gentle waves of sunshine and appropriate for any situation….naps in hammocks, swinging on swings, dancing down cobblestone streets, splashing at the beach…the applications are endless!

The Solutions – Love You Dear. What’s summer without a feel good pop-rock anthem? Nothing I say nothing (darn you music industry crafting my seasonal music cravings). Anyway! the video is going to make you want to run around Seoul spreading summertime sweetness with your band. (Or is that just me? I gotta find a band quick!)

Yuna – Recue. Wonderful, Malaysian artist Yuna is part musician and part motivational speaker. Her song is a summery pep-talk. The sun is out and we all got life in our veins and we are ok!

Indochine – Alice & June. We had our Korean pop-rock anthem now its time for some throwback upbeat French punk. That’s right, for all you extreme athletes out there this song delivers some serious octane (just look at how fast everyone is running!).

G-Dragon and TOP (feat Park Bom) – Oh Yeah. As Sandy and Danny will tell you all summer days turn into summer nights (that demand appropriate musical accompaniment) and these Korean BFFs of Big Bang fame are the ones to transition you from day to night.

Be sure to check out the videos in continual playlist format here! Also, tell me what your international summer anthems are below!


Mix Tape Monday: Chill Summer Days

I don’t know if y’all have noticed but….it’s summer!!!

Here are some new songs to cool you off in this new found heat. In the spirit of the season I’ve paired each song with an appropriate summer adventure. Take a listen and see if you’ll add these to your summer routine.

San E, Raina(산이, 레이나) – A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness (한여름밤의 꿀). Yes, I like to pick appropriately titled songs for mix tapes (guilty as charged). But this Korean collaboration has slow beats that are a perfect pairing with lazy summer nights and beers. Who says hanging with friends can’t be an adventure? Cheers!

Paus – Deixa-me Ser. Roadtrip! This Portuguese track is best served alongside close friends, run-down cars, questionable gas station snack choices, and unknown destinations. Time to hit the open road.

Farao – The Hours. Need some alone time? I’d recommend listening to this Norwegian track for a spin while stargazing. It will cleanse your palate and set the tone for a bout of self-reflection and meditating on your place in the universe. 

Hannah Schneider – Me vs I. This is an early morning song. So grab your cup of coffee and watch a sun rise (over the ocean if possible) while imagining new beginnings to this Danish song. Hey, its summer anything is possible!

Koala Liu – Oh Let It Be. Are you an urban dweller? Then this is your people-watching-downtown-while-eating-alfresco song. What? That’s totally a song genre. And this Chinese songstress nailed it.

Here’s the link to the Mix Tape Monday YouTube Playlist with all the old songs and the new ones added. Check it out!

Any quintessential summer songs I missed? Or can you think of a better song-to-adventure pairing? Share your thoughts below!