Mix Tape Monday: Once You (K) Pop the Fun Don’t Stop

Guys I’m moving. Yup, moving to a new apartment and two cats to snuggle. What does this mean? Stress! (no, not because of the cats, obviously). I don’t know why I have to turn it into a mild form of existential crisis, but I do.

What do I call upon in these (semi) dark and (self-induced) dramatic times? Music. What kind of music? The kind that makes me well, want to move. I call upon none other than the fantastic, glittery, over the top power of Kpop (Kpop for the uninitiated is short hand for korean pop). There is a lot of visual stimuli here. These videos will hypnotize your mind into state of fascination in which no external stress can exist. I’d recommend watching each video once and then listening to the song on its own to avoid overload.

This is but a mere drop of the ocean that is kpop. There are plenty more songs I love but I figured we’d ease into this one.


Disclaimer: Just know that once you start listening to kpop there is no going back. It has strange voodoo powers. You might think you don’t like it then suddenly 2 months later its on your phone, your computer, and in your brain.

So what will it be? The red pill or the blue pill?

Good! I’m glad to see you joined us.

At the risk of receiving laser eyes from fanguys and gals everywhere I’d say if there was one group to know in kpop it would be BigBang. Honestly this whole mix tape could be made up of their songs but I will limit myself to three.

BigBang – Fantastic Baby. This was the first kpop song I ever heard (thanks Mallory!) so it goes straight to the top of my list.  Get ready for lots of costume changes and colored hair. My intro song and by far still one of their most glamorous. You will never be able to say just “wow” after this.

BigBang – Bang Bang Bang. This song is from their newest set of releases and I wasn’t sure I loved the chorus but now I can’t stop singing it. This track is about guerrilla music with lots of references to militarization and the music industry. All the while they are slaying you with the bullets of their beats. And for all you freedom fighters out there, in case you didn’t realize it but magenta is the color for rebellion.

BigBang – Lies. A glimpse of toned down BigBang in their earlier and more emotional years. The costumes aren’t as fabulous but its a great song and MV. The obvious message to take from this is that real men can sing on rollerskates, which is more than I can do.

Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra. The understated hip sway in this girl group’s dance is so iconic PSY paid to use it in his song Gentleman (which is hilarious, by the way.)

Orange Caramel – My Copycat. At first I thought I wouldn’t like this song with its high-pitched, candy coated girly trot sound…but…guys the music video is a game of Spot the Difference and Where’s Waldo…and the chorus is pretty darn catchy. How could resist?

SHINee – Lucifer. I have mentioned this before in my dance mix tape and it’s still my favorite SHINee song and favorite dance in kpop-dom. When I hear it in the Hmart I start grooving to my grocery shopping.

Rain – 30sexy. Yes, I promise he is saying 30 sexy (not dirty sexy) that’s the official story and I’m sticking with it. The lyrics of this one aren’t deep but hey, try to get the back beat out of your head. If you can resist this inevitable earworm your Jedi powers are stronger than mine.

2NE1 – I am the best.  This girl’s group name is pronounced twenty-one and you will probably be hearing about them very soon since they are working with will.i.a.m. Also Lady gaga and these ladies really need to collaborate because the results would be epic. Who doesn’t love evil Bond Villain fashion?

There’s tons more Kpop to love post your favorite songs below! Any song that make you want to move? Add em! If you like these songs check out the 8tracks playlist I made for more. And of course these songs will be added to the Mix Tape Monday Youtube Playlist.


K-Pop and Reality TV Shows: Guest Post

Today we have a guest post written by my dear friend the lovely Emily B who is a fellow international music and kpop aficionado! Hope y’all enjoy!!

Hello, hello! Today I’m going to introduce you to K-pop Star, a South Korean reality TV competition that is akin to the United State’s American Idol and The Voice.  What sets K-pop star apart from the United State’s music related reality programs is that auditions are held all around the world, not just in the parent country.

K-pop Star has held four seasons of the show.  For the first two seasons, each of the three judges represented the three largest management companies in South Korea, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment.  The winner, in all four seasons, got to choose which of the three companies with which they would debut and sign a contract.

Enough with the technicalities, it is time for some music!

Park Ji-min was only fifteen-years-old when she won the first installment of K-pop stars. She signed with JYP Entertainment and formed a duo with Baek Ye-rin called 15&. Their song “Can’t Hide It” tops Korean music charts (Ji-min is on the left).

Last year, after two years of 15&, Park Ji-min announced that she would be pursuing a solo career.  Her power ballad, “Hopeless Love,” premiered just last week!


The winner of K-pop Star’s second season is the brother-sister duo Akdong Musician, made up of Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-hyun.  Chan-hyuk wrote, composed, and produced their first studio album, “Play”, and Su-hyun’s voice is so pure it is ethereal. Their song “200%” topped Korean music charts.  Listen below; it is the perfect song for sunshine and warm weather.

Did you enjoy Park Ji-min and AKMU?  Check out the video below of the three musicians jamming out on season 2 of K-pop stars.


Bernard Park was crowned the winner of K-pop Star’s third season.  Specializing in ballads, he won hearts with his soulful melodies and heart wrenching lyrics.  Check out the title song on his EP “I’m. . .” below.

K-pop Star season 4 ended just a few days ago on April 12, 2015.  New Jersey native Katie Kim took home the first place prize.  She does not have a single out yet, but check out her cover of Amy Winehouse’s’ “Rehab” below.

Did you like what you heard?  You can jump over to the K-pop Star Youtube  page to check out clips from all four seasons, or watch season 4 on Hulu.