Mix Tape Monday: Monday Blues

When the heat gets you down these blues will cool you off and ease any of that heartache you may have. Grab a spot on the porch, pour yourself a glass of sweet tea or grab a brew, and enjoy these soulful blues-rock artists from around globe.

Songhoy Blues – Soubour. I’ve already mentioned this Malian band’s song Irganda. But mentioning them once is not enough! Especially when they have songs this good. For all you  Black Keys fans Songhoy Blues will definitely float your boat. And if you don’t like the Black Keys, then well you will probably still like this. I mean come on this guitar work is hot.

Jack Savoretti – Written in the Scars. I was really intrigued by Jack’s unique and raspy voice. It’s a sound that gets easily overlooked these days. Go Italia!

Tinariwen – This Tuareg band also comes from Mali but this time the northern region and while Songhoy Blues is rich and earthy, the guitar notes laid down by Tinariwen’s musicians are as bone dry as the Sahara they play in and just as beautiful.

Lowdown 30 – Asphalt (feat. Joosuc). This song by South Korean trio is as rough as it’s name and trust me that’s a good thing. Get ready for a hard blues-rock back beat with edgy electric elements with a rap solo thrown in. All together its a combo that will make you feel so hardcore.

Hozier – Work Song. Thank you Ireland for delivering Delta Blues perfection clad in plaid and topped with a man-bun into the world. Hail Hozier. This is all. Actually go listen to Arsonist’s Lullaby and It Will Come Back. What are you still doing here? Go!

Any soulful blues we need to hear? Post them below!

Mix Tape Monday: International Cover Songs

One of the beautiful things about music (and art in general) is how it evolves and is reinterpreted through different artists. Check out these awesome song covers and see how they are transformed!


Ben L’Oncle Soul – Seven Nation Army (covering The White Stripes). I am hard pressed to choose which version of Seven Nation Army I like better. When I listened to this soul version by French artist Ben L’Oncle Soul I almost forgot what the original sounded like.

Hozier – Sweet Thing (covering Van Morrison). Hozier I love you. There was a week where I listened to this song everyday when I got home. I may have even sung it to myself on my walk home (so Bostonians that girl singing to herself in Cambridge…that’s me).

G-Dragon – This Love (covering Maroon 5). This list would not be complete without Korean star G-Dragon! This Love takes a surprisingly smooth transition into a Korean rap. That’s right I said Korean rap. Check it out!

Piano Guys and Alex Boye – Peponi (cover of Coldplay’s Paradise). Behold, two covers for the price of one! This is both an instrumental cover AND a translation of Coldplay’s Paradise by internet sensation the Piano Guys and Alex Boye. Alex sings in English, Yoruba, and Swahili in addition to his own version of scat. All this combined makes a pretty epic cover song.

Coeur de Pirate – Ain’t No Sunshine (covering Bill Withers). It’s hard to beat Bill Withers’ original but French singer Coeur de Pirate brings a whole new haunting and tragic element to this classic song.

Which do you prefer the covers or the originals? Any good international covers I missed? Add them below.