Mix Tape Monday: Everyday I’m Shuffling

That’s right! This week’s Mix Tape is a themeless shuffle of awesome…like life! Many of these songs were found on Balcony TV which I highly recommend for all you music adventurers out there.

Echae en Route – Uneasy Romance. Violin, check. Bass, check. Microphone, check. This Korean duo presents a poignant, bare bones song that at first seems understated but leaves an impact. The slight hint of dissonance reels you in and is totally addictive.

The Cornelius – Whistle Song. No, not that whistle song. This whistle song is sung by two charming Spanish men that sweep away your cares with the strumming of their guitars.

Jac Stone – Not Angry Anymore. Pause the multi-tasking. Put down your phone. Close your eyes and listen to this Australian ladies captivating, resonant, and heartfelt song. If you want to feel all the feels listen to Trying to Be Sorry.

DYGL – Let’s Get Into Your Car. I would drive these Japanese band members around in my car any time. Granted I got serenades in exchange for chauffeuring services. I believe in fair trade.

KYO – Le Graal. I have yet to see a video so filled with ridiculously beautiful and hipster people. KYO is an older French band and this song is part of there new album. Watch Le Graal once for the song and once for fashion and makeup inspiration. Bonnaroo or Soho anyone? For their earlier (and more emo rock) work try Contact.

Any good finds? Add them in the comments!

Mix Tape Monday: No Rules


You gotta break the rules sometime and today’s theme is no theme! What?! Anarchy! Madness! You say? Well we all need a little shaking up sometime.

Theme or not, I still love all these tracks so give them a shot and let me know what you think!

きのこ帝国 – 海と花束 (MV). I believe this band’s name translates roughly to Mushroom Empire but I’m not expert at Japanese (cough – I used Google translate – cough) so don’t hold me to it! I love their combination of dreamy lyrics set to some amazing guitar. It’s almost like hard rock shoe gaze…or shoe rock if you will. If you like this combo try 東京.

Madjo – Le Monstre.  I listen to this and wish that I could sound this sultry in French without trying (or just this sultry in general).

Tree Of Life 生命樹樂團 – I just discovered this Chinese band and I absolutely love this track (I’m a sucker for violins, guys.)  I’m hoping to find more by them soon!

Bradio – Fever. This Japanese band is just plain fun plus the lead singer has an afro that inspires my admiration. Flyers and Golden Liar are also must listens.

SALTNPAPER (솔튼페이퍼) – 완벽해요 (Perfect). Do you want your ears caressed and soothed with dulcet Korean lyrics from the inside out? Then do I have the perfect song for you.

Leningrad – Fish. Just because I can. Yes friends. I have found a Russian ska version of Tom Waits singing with a full band. There are sailor outfits, there are fabulous hats, and there may even be a tuba involved (or a sousaphone I never can tell). Want more? Here you go! Фиаско (без цензуры)