Mix Tape Mondays: Without Borders

Here are some bands to challenge your ideas of nationality as well as give you awesome music. They don’t fit into those neat little categories. Transnational, multilingual, and badass. They all offer thought provoking forays into defining modern identity without causing me to fall into a Hamlet-like spiral of existential angst. Now excuse me while I try to teach myself another language…or three.


Yoshida Brothers and Monkey Majik – Change. The band Monkey Majik is a Japanese Canadian band based in Japan. Their collaboration with the Yoshida Brother’s traditional Japanese shamisen is instantly intriguing. Monkey Majik sings this song in English but many of their songs are also Japanese or a mix of both. Try Alive.

White City – Space Cadet. Throw a Brit, a Swede, and an Aussie together in Kabul and what do you get? White City, that’s what! Like this try Perfect 10.

Ibeyi – Oya. French-Cuban mistresses of haunting sounds need I say more? They also  sing in Yoruba a Nigerian language. Listen to River and Mama Says. Kudoos to Abena for bringing these ladies to my attention!

The Royal Pirates – Drawing the Line. Oh hey. Royal Pirates I see you and your meta music video references. This Korean-American band have both Korean and English versions of some of their songs, cause that’s how they roll. Listen to Love Toxic and Fly to You

Add you favorites below!

One comment

  1. EmBow · March 11, 2015

    David J. Roch – Skin and Bones

    An English musician, I thought it was interesting that he considers his genre of music “Americana” (https://www.facebook.com/DAVIDJROCH/timeline?ref=page_internal).

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