Mix Tape Monday: Sounds of SXSW

Spring is here and its the start of music festival season. In honor of the SXSW music festival that just finished up this weekend here are my favorite picks from both their international day stage and from their general line up. While I wish I could have been there in the flesh (why must you be so cold Boston?) these picks were curated and selected from my online investigations. If you got to see these bands live be sure to comment below!

Levante – Alfonso. No one will tell you that your life is shit quite as charmingly as this Italian songstress. Need more quirky doses of reality? Give Memo a try.

Toffee 太妃堂 – Vintage Love. This group of classically trained Taiwanese artists mix modern styles with traditional Chinese music. If you’re more in the mood for a power ballad, fear not! Listen to 首波抒情主打《斷》and be amazed by the sets.

Indevotion – Pretty Little Liar. Paramore and Hayley Williams fans should check this band out because (as other netizens have pointed out) I’m pretty sure this is her long lost Swedish sister.  Listen to Go Go Go Go Go! and Beating like a Drum.

La Guacha – Matorrales. I love this Chilean band! It makes me feel like its socially acceptable to tango on the subway. Listen  Tanta and Amor Platónico if you need to add spice to your morning commute.

Fuel Fandango – New Life. I cheated a little bit this Spanish duo is from last year’s festival but I had to sneak them in. Check out  Read My Lips as well.

Anyone I missed from the lineup that you loved? Or any favorite music festivals for international music? Add your comments below!

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