Mix Tape Monday: Avante Garde

For this week’s mix tape I bring you some tracks that are a little off the wall. They might not be your average pop, rock, or rap but that is the beauty of mixing things up! So this week put your headphones on and take a walk on the wild side. You might like what you find.

Yelle – Je veux te voir. Don’t be fooled by the sugary pop sound of this track. The lyrics are down right dirty. Yelle does not shy away from visual innuendo…and her lyrics, well, they are anything but coy.

Jambinai 잠비나이 – A time of extinction. Does the combination of heavy metal plus and traditional Korean music seem like an unlikely pair? Take one listen to this and you’ll find that its a duo that totally makes sense. Like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches… like apple pickle sandwiches this is an unusual combo that’s just meant to be.

Wang Rong Rollin– Chick. For all you fans of What Does the Fox Say? this video takes it to whole new level. Chinese girl group Wang Rong Rollin presents a barnyard fairy tale (note the fairy godmother in the beginning) and a song that actually sounds like chickens. Do I know what’s going on? No. But I don’t think I need to.

Tanya Tagaq – Umingmak. This amazing Inuit throat singer from northern Canada initially caught my eye in this year’s SXSW line up. I have no words to describe her music besides that it lies utterly outside the traditional western traditional concept of singing. Listen to her describe the way she sings here.

Any other cool and unusual suspects we should hear in the realms of international music below? Is there the next Lady Gaga that I missed? Add them below?


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