Mix Tape Monday: Battle of the Bands

That’s right folks. This week its all about bands, bands, bands. So break out your guitars and dust off those garage band dreams cause we’re about to rock.


The KOXX – Trouble Maker. These South Korean guys seriously know how to rock a guitar solo plus the awesome kitsch of this video would make the Wyld Stallyns proud. They certainly deserve a post all of their own but I couldn’t make this list without including them. Rock out more with Oriental Girl and 12:00.

Ykiki Beat – Forever. I love this track and if you’re like me and playing it on repeat try listening to Young Life and Garden. When I take my next trip to Tokyo I know who I will be looking up!

340ml – Fairy Tales. Swing away in Mozambique with Moodswings and Australopithecus (ok I may have included the last one because it blatantly panders to my anthropology degree…so shoot me.)

Quest Pistols -Ты Так Красива. Oh, you thought that video was gonna be all rainbows and cuddles didn’t you? Ha! Gotcha. These Ukrainians rocking your socks? Listen to Я твой наркотик

Wir sind Helden – Nuir ein Wort. This song makes me feel like that spending a day exploring Berlin with them would be lovely. Like this? Try Denkmal and Gekommen Um Zu Bleiben.

WHOwho – Her. More music from South Korea (I had to control myself before I got carried away). If you dig their electric sound with a touch of funk check out Bye Bye and Down Below

Kabul Dreams – Sadae Man. Want to rock harder in Kabul? Well this group (aka the first postmodern rock band in Afghanistan) can help. Try Can You Fly? and  Shahab

Don’t see the band you love here? Comment below! What other bands from around the world should everyone know about? Oh….and party on dudes!


  1. EmBow · February 9, 2015

    Hello Sleepwalkers. 🙂

    • GetSetGo · February 9, 2015

      Love this and I’ve been looking up their other songs too! (also his hair is amazing. I need to ask him for some pointers).

  2. EmBow · February 9, 2015

    Bastille – Laughter Lines.
    This is my favorite song by them. (Totally counts since they are English).

  3. Eric · February 10, 2015

    How about some love for Haloo Helsinki! from Finland?

    • GetSetGo · February 10, 2015

      Yes! There is always love for Finland. The guitar in this great (and I’m a totally sucker for 80s riffs and female rockers). Adding them to my list!

  4. Beans · February 11, 2015

    LA VIDA BOHEME!! They’re a band from Venezuela who’s music has a little bit of everything in terms of genre (but I guess they’re considered a rock or alternative band). Their first album (Nuestra) is fantastic (I can’t pick a favorite so you should just listen to the whole thing haha) and I’m pretty sure they won a latin grammy for their equally fantastic (and slightly darker? lol I dont speak spanish but thats what all the reviews say) second album Sera (its so good!). This is the only song i could find a video for their second album, but its one of my favorites. Its kind of off beat for them, and almost has a calypso/island feel, ya know? But so great.

    I hope the video shows up haha

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