Mix Tape Monday: Footloose Edition

Sometimes I fall into dance routine funk. You know. When I’m out on the town and I’m pushed into the dreaded dance circle (or more accurately when I’m dancing around my apartment) sometimes I’m just at a loss. What step should I use? How many shimmies and isolations can I get away with? Fortunately, there is the internet to save me from my choreographic rut. Here is a list of videos that make my dance breaks more interesting.

Gather your dance crew around or try learning these moves solo. Everybody warmed up? Cause once you pop n’ lock the fun don’t stop!

SHINee – Lucifer. This South Korean boy band is well known for their great dances (try learning the dance to Sherlock as well). If this video is too fast try their practice version to help break it down.

Fuse ODG – Azonto. This is a new popular dance from Ghana (brought to you by my excellent friend Abena) is a little easier to jump into. The lyrics break down the moves so all you have to do is follow along.

Heropanti – Whistle Baja. These steps are from the Bollywood movie Heropanti. If you don’t feel up to the acrobatics pulled by our lead dancer you can definitely master the hook step during the whistling. Love this? Try Palat Tera Hero Idhar Hai

P Square – Alingo. Like the Azonto but want something a little faster? Try the Alingo by this Nigerian duo.

Dream Team do Passinho – Todo Mundo Aperta o Play. This dance group is performing the a Brazilian dance style the passinho considered to be a mix of hip hop and funk that is unique to Brazil.

Any great new international dance styles or popular choreographed dances that I missed? Post ’em below!


  1. EmBow · February 17, 2015

    You forgot one … 😉

  2. EmBow · February 17, 2015

    Oh! And this is another one of my favorites!

  3. EmBow · February 17, 2015

    Augh! How could I forget this one? This is Dan Bălan, one of the singers of O-Zone, which is most known for Dragostea din tei (aka. Numa Numa). After O-Zone split, Dan did some solo work.

  4. EmBow · February 17, 2015

    One more, then I promise I’m done.
    Here is the band beautiful L, (aka. Kim Myung-soo, aka. Lee Hyun Soo, aka. the cold-hearted guitarist of Eye Candy), is part of: INFINITE.

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